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Top marks for our food hygiene

As with all businesses preparing or serving food to the public, Pot-au-feu recently underwent an inspection by one of our local Environmental Health Officers. These inspections are compulsory and are simply in place to ensure good food hygiene standards to protect those buying from that company. Ratings are public and anyone can easily find out what the rating is for that company – click here for an easy to use search page.

We’re extremely proud of our home, and since starting Pot-au-feu, we’ve focused heavily on keeping our kitchen in tip top condition with a thorough and regular cleaning schedule in place. But the inspection’s not just about how clean your kitchen is…but a whole host of other important things relating to the preparation of food. In fact you need a whole Safety Management System in place covering a whole host of procedures to control:

  • Cross contamination – ensuring there’s no possibility of cross-contamination – one of the most common causes of food poisoning
  • Cleaning – essential to get rid of harmful bacteria and allergens to stop them spreading to food
  • Chilling – chilling food properly to stop harmful bacteria from growing
  • Cooking – ensuring food is cooked properly to kill any harmful bacteria
  • Management – making sure your business is managed effectively – vital for food safety

Having been in corporate life for many years…including working at a large UK regulator…I understand the importance of protecting the public, avoiding risks, having solid procedures in place etc.

And being a foodie, and knowing what I’d personally expect from a food establishment, I’ve valued having this kind of structure in place.

In fact, I’ve enthusiastically applied the guidance to ensure the best possible environment and standards are met…and, where possible, exceeded.

So we were over the moon when we were awarded the top possible mark from our inspection – gaining a 5 out of 5 (very good) status for Pot-au-feu.

We’re so proud that we’ve even displayed our certificate in our own kitchen window!


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