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Lemon and rhubarb posset with pistachio crumb

I don’t have a particularly sweet tooth, so I’ve never really been a pudding person. My partner, however, most definitely is…so over the past few years, I’ve not only sampled a few delicious puds I’ve never tried…but I’ve also started making them. And I’m delighted to find that I can actually make a rather good dessert!

Over the past few months, I’ve hosted a lot of dinner parties where my mains have been quite rich. So, I’ve been on the lookout for lighter, fresher…palate cleanse type options for pudding.

Martini glass for lemon posset

One of my favourites is this lemon posset recipe by Victoria Glass. Not only is it delicious and light…it’s also extremely pretty to serve up…described by Victoria as a real showstopper.

I got some lovely martini glasses for Christmas a couple of years ago…and I’d only used them for the odd homemade cocktail or two. They’re lovely glasses so was excited to try them out for a pud like this.

The recipe

Lemon and rhubarb posset with pistachio crumb

The recipe is simple to follow and all ingredients are easy to find – rhubarb, caster sugar, water, orange (zest and juice), vanilla pod seeds, double cream, lemons (zest and juice), unsalted pistachio nuts.

There aren’t really any challenging techniques in there, although, in my view, you do need a delicate hand and an eye for plating up. I say that as, once cooked, you’ll have to choose the prettiest rhubarb pieces for decoration…so, as they’re quite squashy, you’ll need to be really careful not to ruin these when taking them out of the dish.

Once I’d cooked the rhubarb, created a rhubarb bottom layer in each glass, made the posset, poured this into the glass and refrigerated for about 4 hours…I was ready to decorate.

As I mentioned, you do need a delicate hand for this…but trust me, it’s well worth taking your time. The result is very pretty and very impressive. With a steady hand, you simply need to sprinkle the chopped pistachio around the edge of the glass, then pop your reserved pretty rhubarb pieces in the middle…and bingo, there’s your beautiful showstopping dessert to impress your friends.

Lemon and rhubarb posset with pistachio crumb


I actually wouldn’t make and haven’t made any changes to this recipe. It works brilliantly.

But, given I’ve been growing edible flowers in my garden, I couldn’t help adding a final touch of a very pretty viola flower.

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