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Indian Banquet Supper Club

A couple of weeks ago, we hosted our Indian Banquet Supper Club in our home in Woodingdean, Brighton. With 10 guests from the Brighton area and over 20 home made dishes spread across three courses…we’re over the moon that our Indian feast has attracted some really rather wonderful feedback!

We hit the front page with a full page spread in Friday’s Argus Taste supplement, the lovely folks at Wriggle Brighton pulled together a glowing review, BN1 Magazine did a lovely review on their website… and guests have individually let us know through follow up emails and facebook reviews how much they enjoyed the evening. Oh…and there’s one more review to come from the folks at BN1 Magazine.

  • “We had a stellar night and Abigail is a lovely hostess and brilliant chef that has a real burning passion for good quality home cooked food.”
  • “Think Channel 4’s Come Dine With Me, but with better food, less judging and even more conversation.”
  • “Loved the curries and the ambiance.”
  • “Loved the atmosphere – it was lovely meeting so many like-minded people in such a great setting.”

So as one supper club comes to an end, planning for the next begins!!

This time we’re going Greek! Our next event is on Friday 16 March and will be a feast of home made traditional Greek Meze dishes. Tickets cost £30 and are now on sale – click here to book your place.

We know that coming to a supper club may be a first for many people.

Please don’t worry, there’ll be others here who’ve never experienced one either.

As hosts, we want guests to feel totally at home…in our home…while experiencing delicious, restaurant quality food, while socialising with like-minded, local foodies.


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