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We care about the environment so, for our new Mediterranean Lunch Pot menu, we’re using packaging made from plants that’s completely compostable. After a lot of research, we were impressed by Vegware’s approach to their products. Being the only completely compostable packaging company operating globally, they offer an extensive range of eco catering disposables and [...]

With two specials per day, and a wide selection of salads, sides and soups available every day, we can deliver a delicious and wide range of lunch pots based around the varied cuisines from across the Med. We build our dishes around the best seasonal ingredients – for April this includes spinach, rocket, spring onions [...]

A couple of weeks ago, we hosted our Indian Banquet Supper Club in our home in Woodingdean, Brighton. With 10 guests from the Brighton area and over 20 home made dishes spread across three courses…we’re over the moon that our Indian feast has attracted some really rather wonderful feedback! We hit the front page with [...]

With Valentine’s and Mother’s Day fast approaching…rather than scrabbling to book into a restaurant, why not think about delicious home cooked food delivered straight to your door? A totally bespoke, personalised menu that we design around all the things you and your guests love. Private catering doesn’t just have to be for a special birthday [...]

Another delicious French classic, Moules Marinière is very simple and very quick to make. I’ve found that many people shy away from giving it a try – concerned that they won’t be able to prepare or cook the mussels properly. But, trust me, if you can get decent, fresh mussels…it’s one of the easiest and [...]

“The quintessence of French family cuisine, it is the most celebrated dish in France. It honours the tables of the rich and poor alike” Raymond Blanc Pot-au-feu (French pronunciation: ​[pɔ.to.fø]), which translated means “pot on the fire”, is a true icon of French cooking and one of the most popular classics. In a nutshell, it’s [...]

Having made a pot-au-feu for Sunday lunch this week, I was looking forward to knocking up some lovely dishes using the leftovers. So today, I decided to make some soup with the beef broth and leftover meat. The recipe (serves 2) This takes no time at all and is a delicious, satisfying lunch for a [...]

As I’ve mentioned before, since the folk at The Fresh Fish Shop set up a stall every Thursday at Park Farm Shop in Falmer (East Sussex), we’ve been eating a lot more fish. I must have visited the stall 10-15 times now and they’ve never failed to provide beautifully fresh, quality seafood. So, I thought [...]

I’m always surprised when people say to me they’d love to make a curry from scratch – but are just not brave enough. For me, it’s one of the most satisfying things to make – and one of the most delicious things to eat (much better than buying a ready made sauce!!). And it really [...]

I don’t have a particularly sweet tooth, so I’ve never really been a pudding person. My partner, however, most definitely is…so over the past few years, I’ve not only sampled a few delicious puds I’ve never tried…but I’ve also started making them. And I’m delighted to find that I can actually make a rather good [...]

Like Spaghetti Bolognese, for me, this is right up there in terms of great comfort food. With the addition of typical Greek spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice), this takes its Italian counterpart, lasagne, to another level. It still has its wonderfully juicy meat sauce topped with a thick creamy cheese sauce (bechamel)… but it’s the spices [...]

Since the folk at The Fresh Fish Shop set up a stall every Thursday at Falmer’s Park Farm Shop, we’ve been eating a lot more fish. The quality of their fish is second to none – I’d go as far as to say, it’s the best and freshest fish I’ve managed to find in the [...]

My deep fat fryer is not something that I tend to have to hand in the kitchen – I’d rather have the room for prepping food and of course my wonderful rotisserie machine. So I store it away and get it out when I’m up for doing a series of meals requiring some kind of [...]

I’m a big fan of soup – especially for lunch in the colder autumn and winter months. I’ve always made soup the good old fashioned way – in a big saucepan! But a couple of years ago, I got myself a soup maker. I’m always a little reluctant to use fancy electrical equipment in the [...]

I love rabbit, and I’m extremely lucky that my partner and mum are also big fans. With the weather feeling particularly wintery of late, I decided it was time for some wholesome, whole cooked hearty food. Where better to turn than a good old fashioned rabbit stew. As always, Canham & Sons in Hove didn’t [...]